WEP 960-V Plastic Welder Kit 110V with LED Lights with 200 Hot Staples and Pliers for Car Bumper Plastic Welding, Plastic Gas Tank Repair, a Great Automotive Tools for Mechanics

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Product Description

WEP 960-V Plastic WelderWEP 960-V Plastic Welder

WEP 960-V Plastic Welder comes with 200 pcs hot staples in 4 different shapes to help you repair different kinds of cracks, splits, and damages in plastic.

WEP 960-V Plastic Welder 1WEP 960-V Plastic Welder 1

WEP 960-V Plastic Welder 2WEP 960-V Plastic Welder 2

WEP 960-V Plastic Welder 3WEP 960-V Plastic Welder 3


1.Fit the right staple

2.Weld the cracks


1.Secure the crack

2.Snap the excess staple (push back-and-forth)


1.Remove sharp edges

2.Repaint plastic

WEP 960-V LED LightWEP 960-V LED Light

WEP 960-V Quality Power CordWEP 960-V Quality Power Cord

WEP 960-V Built for RepairWEP 960-V Built for Repair

LED Light

Points directly to your area of work, and provides consistent lighting. Unlike the traditional one with flashing LED lights that may cause eye discomfort.

Quality Power Cord

Our plastic welder uses quality US specification (UL certified) power cord, the length of the cord is 137 cm/ 53.9 inches for easy use.

Built for Repair

You can use our hot stapler tool in many different applications including car bumpers, gas tanks, electronics’ casing, and many other items made with soft ABS plastic.


Model number WEP 960-V Rated voltage range 110V-127V/AC, 60Hz Main unit dimensions L6.41*W5.75*H1.57in ±0.2in Operating ambient temperature 0~40°C/32°F~104°F

Plastic Welder Hot Staples Set Plastic Welder Hot Staples Set Plastic Welder Plastic Welder Plastic Welder

Compatible with WEP 960-V Compatible with WEP 960-V Plastic welding Plastic welding Plastic welding

LED Light

Operation Indicator

Overheat Protection Function

Car bumpers, Gas tanks, Kayaks, Electronics’ casing, and many other items made with soft ABS plastic Car bumpers, Gas tanks, Kayaks, Electronics’ casing, and many other items made with soft ABS plastic Car bumpers, Gas tanks, Kayaks, car dashboard and sporting gears and many items made with thick plastic

Great Repair Tool: WEP 960-V plastic welder is great for repairing cracks in ABS plastics such as car bumper, plastic gas tank, car dashboard and more. The hot staples gets heated rapidly when you press the activation button, and you can embed the staples into plastic cracks to join the two broken pieces. Once done joining, pull to separate, and cut away the excess staple. Plastic welding is easy as that!
Plastic welding kit: Our plastic welding tools kit include a pair of cutters, 200 pcs of hot staples (50 each for outer corner cracks, inner corner cracks, small/straight cracks, large/curved cracks.) and a 110V WEP 960-V plastic welder. Our hot stapler plastic repair kit is suitable for a wide range of environments with built-in LED light. The light provides consistent lighting directly on the plastic weld point for low-light environment, this tool is a perfect addition to your tools kit.
Time saver: Sending plastic parts for repair or replacement is time-consuming and expensive, why not pick up a tool to perform a simple repair! This tool is suitable as automotive tools for mechanics for motorcycles, car bumpers, plastic parts, or normal household plastic parts.
Safety Function: This plastic stapler comes with protection functions to prevent potential overheating, and protects the user. At the same time, our plastic welder uses quality US specification power cord (length: 53.9inches/137cm). NOTE: Plastic welding generates fumes, please wear appropriate mask for protection purposes.
Warranty Policy: This Plastic Welder Kit is covered by our USA exclusive 1-Year product warranty, and our technical support team has your back with our 24-Hour support. NOTE: this product is rated for 110~127V USA Specification, DO NOT connect this iron to a 220V power socket.

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