Leyl&Ari Plush Lovey, Bunny Ear Security Blankie, Soft Premium Quality, Gender Neutral Unisex Gift, Made in USA


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Plushy loveyPlushy lovey

Plushy Security Blanket Free From Synthetic Materials

Pulushy lovey Pulushy lovey

As parents, we have the power to shape the world.

Yes, parenting itself can be a humbling experience, but, it comes with the responsibility to leave a better world for our children.

One way we shape the world is with each purchase we make.As consumers, we have the power to demand what’s offered to us.When we accept less than what we demand, we give up that power.

When we remember our power, we can make better choices.

● When it’s known that polyester can cause allergic reactions and lead to respiratory problems, we can choose to support brands that opt out of polyester.

● When it’s known that working conditions in factories that we don’t personally know can be suspect, we can choose to support brands that work locally.

● When it’s known that buying disposable goods actually costs more in the long run, we can choose to invest in quality that lasts.

By showing the market what it is that we demand, the supply will come to meet it.

Whether you are getting natural, organic, and USA-made baby essentials from Leyl&Ari or making buying decisions in other areas of your life, know that you have power to make the world better.

Plushy lovey Plushy lovey

Designed by Moms for Moms

How I knew I’d found my calling with Leyl&Ari

What I’ve always found powerful about trees is that its roots can be up to three times wider than the foliage that we see.

For the beautiful tree that Leyl&Ari is becoming, I want to acknowledge the roots that have made me and this business what it is.

Like the roots I have as a granddaughter of a farmer and fabric manufacturer. These continue to inspire my deep connection and respect for nature and clean living.

And the roots I have as a daughter, witnessing the work that went into all the products we used and all the food we eat. These ties allow me to appreciate to this day the beauty in the simplicity.

And the more recent roots I have developed as a cancer care nurse and a mother. Each day, I see how our environment affects our well-being and our livelihood. From childhood asthma and skin sensitivities to caring for those who are sick and suffering as a result of exposure to toxic substances, our environment has an outsized impact on our health.

That’s why I felt called to help that environment and to create natural and organic products for babies. It’s my mission and my calling to keep this tree growing, a tree that’s nourished by my roots and my experiences.

Benefits of Security Blanket

Security blabket Security blabket

Security blanketsSecurity blankets

Security blanketSecurity blanket

Plushy loveyPlushy lovey

Helps with Sleep and Bed Time Routines

Eases Anxiety in New Situations

Enhances Emotional Wellbeing

Provides Sense of Security and Confidence

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100% Cotton

18″X18″ 47″X47″ 40″X40″ 15″X15″ 40″X40″


100% COTTON: Made with love in small batches in California USA. Our products make the perfect gift for new mothers, baby showers, christmas, birthdays!
YOUR BABY DESERVES THE BEST: Don’t compromise your baby’s safety, comfort, and well being with products that can be hazardous. Most lovey blankets are made of synthetic material like Polyester. Polyester is non-biodegradable and highly toxic not only to our planet but, to our health. Polyester has been known to cause allergic skin reactions and respiratory issues, including asthma. Polyester is not a breathable material, meaning your child can more easily overheat.
SOFT AND NATURAL: As parents ourselves learning about harmful materials like polyester is one of the reasons, we were motivated to launch LEYL&ARI, and it remains one of the reasons we only work with natural and organic materials that are made here in the US.
PERFECT SIZE: This lovey blanket is 18”x18” and the convenience of these nicely designed loveys, along with their environmental friendliness, makes them a thoughtful gift
SAFETY IS OUR PRIORITY: According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, a stuffed animals, soft blankets, toys, pillows should never place near a sleeping baby in a crib. We recommend using these loveys for kids 12 months and older.

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Leyl&Ari Plush Lovey, Bunny Ear Security Blankie, Soft Premium Quality, Gender Neutral Unisex Gift, Made in USA
Leyl&Ari Plush Lovey, Bunny Ear Security Blankie, Soft Premium Quality, Gender Neutral Unisex Gift, Made in USA


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