EZ Laundry | Upgraded 29” Universal Laundry Pedestal – 700lbs Capacity, Raises 16” with Built-in Drain Pan + Hose, Adjustable Feet, Anti-Vibration, Steel & Storage Shelf for Washer & Dryer (White)


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Product Description

LG series 3 Universal Fit Across All Brands… Samsung Series 4 Stays compatible even when you switch brands… GE Series …as long as it is same size or… Maytag Whirlpool Series fits within the pedestal dimensions… Electrolux Speed Queen Series …futureproof and will last many years to come! 24 Inch Series Compatible with smaller machines too!

laundry pedestallaundry pedestal

Experience game changing features like built-in drain pan and antivibration!

My washing machine vibrates a lot during the spin cycle, what can I do?

Ensure precise leveling of machine and the balance of your laundry load to minimize vibrations. Keep in mind that elevating any washing machine may entail sacrificing a degree of stability compared to placing it directly on the more sturdy floor.

How do I level the washer and dryer?

Refer to your manual for instructions. Typically, each machine has four leveling legs. Start with all legs at the shortest setting. Use a leveling tool to identify which legs need adjustment to reduce wobbling. Adjust legs & secure with lock nuts.

How do you attach the laundry machines to the pedestals?

Our pedestal does not require the attachment of your laundry machines to the pedestal. Your machine simply sits on top of the pedestals but they are secured inside the pedestal by the provided rubber pads and the raised edges of the top shelf.

What is the weight capacity of the pedestals?

Our latest pedestals have been tested to withstand over 700 pounds. Most washing machines range from 180 to 250 pounds, factoring in weight for water and laundry our pedestals should be able to handle any commercially available washing machine.

Can we stack a washer and dryer on top of the EZ Laundry Pedestal?

Our pedestals have been rated over 700 lbs but we never tested performance on stacked units. The LG Washtower is one to consider as it is a single piece. Consider the overall height of your space and the height of the dryer controls beforehand.

how to measure 2 Will my machine fit?

To ensure a proper fit for your laundry machine, measure the base dimensions (Red Lines).

laundry pedestal Choose Size & Color

We currently provide 29 inches & 28 inches. Pick the smallest size that will still fit your machine.

laundry pedestal

Our standard height elevates your machine by 16 inches. Coming soon is a new 18″ height pedestal…

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How to choose the correct EZ Laundry Pedestal

1 Measure Bottom Side 2 Choose Size/Color 3 Measure Height Space 4 Lifestyle 5 Lifestyle 2

Experience the difference with EZ Laundry!

Our Robust Frame Provides Superior Support

Prevents Dents on the Top Shelf

Unlike other pedestals, our tubular frame provides unparrelled support across the entire top shelf. This eliminates the possibility of dented shelves if laundry machines are accidentally dropped on the edges. Our welded frame and welded crossbars help to eliminate side to side wobbling that most knock down structures suffer from and they help to reduce the top shelf from significant rattle during the spin cycle of the washer.

The EZ Laundry Pedestal vs the Competition

Antivibration & Stability Features!

We compare our anti-vibration and stability features to our competition. Our pedestal is the quietest and most stable pedestal with our unique design. We do not skimp on quality. Our quality and features are simply the best. Why risk your valuable and expensive laundry machines on anything else? With EZ Laundry, you pay for premium quality and peace of mind. Our design is more robust than any other Universal Pedestal or even the OEM drawer pedestals that use very thin metal and plastic.

See what Family Handyman had to say about us!

family handyman

We offer other laundry solutions & conveniences!

Our brand goes beyond laundry pedestals

EZ Laundry Hamper: Our Extra Large Hamper can be conveniently placed inside the pedestal for quick access when clothes are finished drying. It is large enough to hold two loads of laundry.

EZ Laundry Mat with Guard Rails: Store and Organize your laundry supplies at an ergonomic and convenient location, on top of your laundry machine, while protecting the finish from scatches.

EZ Laundry Anti-Vibrations Mats: Our mats dampen the excessive vibrations of your washer during the spin cycle

How and where to measure your laundry machine

Measure your machine’s base to ensure compatibility with the EZ Laundry pedestal. Typically, machines have a square-shaped base, making the width equal to the base’s depth. The EZ Laundry Pedestal has raised edges of only 0.8 inches, and most machines should easily clear this height. In some cases, you may need to slightly extend the four leveling legs to ensure clearance around the edges.

See how our game changing drainage feature works!

With the EZ Laundry Pedestal you can protect your home from potential water damage by capturing leaks inside the built in drain pan and divert to the nearest floor drain or container. Our built in drain pan can hold up to 3 gallons of water and potentially more when the drain hose is connected to a larger container. When diverted to a floor drain it can divert an unlimited amount of water. We highly recommend installing a water alarm to the pedestal or bucket to alert you of any leaks.

EZ Laundry – The Trend Setter

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Built-in Drain Pan with Hose

Anti Vibration Features

Pedestals are Connectable

Modern and Seamless Design

Adjustable Height Feet

Top Shelf Frame Support

✔️ ELIMINATE PAIN & REDUCE TIME SPENT ON LAUNDRY: By elevating your washer and dryer with the EZ Laundry Pedestal, you can load and unload your laundry more easily and quickly. This not only saves you time but also reduces the physical strain of bending over on your back and knees, making your laundry routine more efficient and comfortable. Elevates your machine by 16 inches.
✔️ THE ORIGINAL & STILL THE FINEST – Don’t be fooled by our cheaper competitors. We set the standards in innovation, strength and quality. Fits ALL 29″ wide washer and dryer brands such as LG, Maytag, Samsung, Whirlpool, GE, Amana, Speed Queen. The modern design adds a sophisticated touch to your laundry room.
✔️ INNOVATIVE 3-in-1 SOLUTION – This pedestal offers a complete laundry room transformation by providing elevation, protection, and organization. You no longer need to purchase separate products like a drain drip pan for these purposes, saving you money and providing you more space for your laundry essentials.
✔️ SUPER QUIET & STURDY – The new design minimizes excessive vibrations and noise. Enhanced stability not only ensures a quieter laundry experience but also extends the lifespan of your machines. Don’t let your machines wear prematurely from excessive vibrations. Watch our videos to see the EZ Laundry difference!
✔️ LOADED WITH IMPROVEMENTS – Features include an even more spacious shelf (24.5″ x 24.5″ x 12″) for laundry essentials and a built-in drain pan with drainage hose for water leak protection. Achieve a seamless finish with color-matched screws. A new and even easier design to connect multiple pedestals. Oversized adjustable rubber feet to accomodate uneven floors, minimize walking and absorb vibrations.
✔️ STRONGER THAN THE REST – Our design supports an impressive weight capacity of over 700 pounds. Say goodbye to flimsy top shelves; ours is bolstered by a solid steel frame, providing unmatched structural support compared to others that rely solely on screws. Ours will not bend if laundry machine is accidentally dropped on the sides of the shelf. Don’t compromise on quality with your expensive laundry machines.
✔️ QUICK & EASY ASSEMBLY – Less than 15 minutes to set up. Assemly instructions and tools included. Check out our assembly videos for a hassle-free experience in the videos section or on YouTube.
✔️ PROTECT YOUR HOME OR INVESTMENTS – Offers peace of mind by protecting your home, rental properties, or commercial/business properties from water damage. The built-in drain pan and drainage hose help prevent potential water disasters, safeguarding your investments and maintaining a safe and clean laundry environment.
✔️ 1 YEAR WARRANTY – We are confident in the durability of our products, and that’s why we offer a guarantee for a period of 1 year.

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EZ Laundry | Upgraded 29” Universal Laundry Pedestal – 700lbs Capacity, Raises 16” with Built-in Drain Pan + Hose, Adjustable Feet, Anti-Vibration, Steel & Storage Shelf for Washer & Dryer (White)
EZ Laundry | Upgraded 29” Universal Laundry Pedestal – 700lbs Capacity, Raises 16” with Built-in Drain Pan + Hose, Adjustable Feet, Anti-Vibration, Steel & Storage Shelf for Washer & Dryer (White)


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